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Beyond the Call of Duty

MV5BMzQ3MjM0MTM5NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM0OTE4OTE@._V1._SY200.jpg Release Date: 27 October 2013
Runtime: 95 mins
Genres Action Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Kevin Tanski, Robert Woodley, Chris Clark, Will Mutka, Mike Sarcinelli, Kahley Cuff, Rick Primerano, Patrick Mallette, Salvatore Sabia, Gary Sundown, Daniel James, Artimus Pyle, Ashlee Amoia, Aleksandar Ivicic, Darrin Stock, Dean Stock, Phill Beith, Tyler Cheman, Jim Clark III, Juston Graber, Angel Izard, Joshua Bornhoeft, Christopher Chavez, Mike Daigon, Michael O'Hear, Lissa Redmond, Brenda Rickert, Angelaina Ayala, Nia Bates, Makenzy Glover

Five Spec Ops, Alpha Squad, head a simple Recon Mission that turns into an all out war for survival against a wave of undead experiments. Alpha Squad must fight, not just for the sake of their own survival, but the fate of the world. |

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